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How to re-enroll at Valley Christian High School
Our re-enrollment for the 2019-20 school year begins on Monday, February 11 and will be open through Friday, March 8. We are expecting our classes to be filled to capacity. Returning students are assured their spot until March 8. If we do not receive re-enrollment materials and payment prior to that date, the spot will be opened to transfer students and current students will enter the registration “pool”.
Re-enrollment paperwork and initial tuition of $650 is due by Friday, March 8.
The following is required for re-enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year:
  • Re-enrollment application (1 pg.)
  • The Financial Commitment Contract
  • Initial Tuition of $650.00
  • One Parental Consent Form (This form must be filled out completely, both sides, and notarized.)
    Tina Kidd, Kimberly Kamerman, and Lisa O’Brien are notaries and will be available during school hours to assist in this requirement.
If you have any questions regarding re-enrollment, please contact Tina Kidd,  If you would like more information about financial aid, please contact Kristi Majercak,  Download our Financial Aid and Tuition Information Packet for detailed information on scholarships and tax credit opportunities.

We are anticipating full classes next school year as we see demand for quality Christian education continues to increase!

Click the button to download the re-enrollment application online .