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Tuition for 2017-18 School Year

(11 payments)
(2 payments)
(1 payment)
$10,950 *

* Additional Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee – $300.00

  • A one-time fee for each new student.  This fee is due with initial application and is non-refundable.

Initial Tuition Payment – $350.00

  • Initial tuition amount which is assessed upon acceptance to VCHS.  This amount will be added to your first tuition invoice.

Technology Passport- $180.00

  • This tuition payment will help cover the costs for our continued implementation of improvements in technology and iValley.

Initial Tuition Payment – $650.00

  • Initial tuition payment amount which recurs annually for returning students.  This amount is due upon re-enrollment.

Technology Passport – $180.00

  • This tuition payment will help cover the costs for our continued implementation of improvements in technology and iValley.

Athletic Participation Fee

  • $100.00 – Participation fee for each sport other than football.
  • $150.00 – Participation fee for football.

$3,715 additional tuition for a Tier 1 Student.

$6,500 additional tuition for a Tier 2 Student.

This program’s tuition is in addition to the above tuition.
Eligibility determination required.  Please see the office for details.

Senior Trip Fee – $575.00

  • This is if your student chooses to go and is payable senior year.

All payments are to be made directly to Valley Christian High School.
Please note: Additional fees may apply to various classes and extra-curricular activities.

Financial Aid

Valley Christian believes in helping families afford a high quality Christian education. We are pleased to offer a number of options for financial aid. Scholarships and grants are awarded as financial resources allow. Please see the following options below.

We are committed to helping our families afford Christian education, if you have any questions about financial aid and or concerns about affording a Valley Christian education, please contact us via email or by phone at 480-705-8888.


Apply for a scholarship from the Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization (ACSTO). This financial aid is funded by Arizona taxpayers under state tuition tax credit laws.  Please follow the instructions on the web page and send applications directly to ACSTO.  Families are encouraged to be proactive in asking donors to recommend financial aid awards to your child.

For more information please visit our ACSTO page or contact our Financial Aid Office.

Arizona Leadership Foundation

Apply for a scholarship from Arizona Leadership Foundation (ALF). This is a corporate scholarship opportunity.

Visit Arizona Leadership Foundation online

Arizona Tax Credit

Arizona Tax Credit (AzTxCr) offers scholarship awards twice per month.  AzTxCr exists to help families meet their tuition expenses as quickly as possible.

You can complete an application online or get more information by visiting the Arizona Tax Credit website.

In-House Financial Aid

Apply for Valley Christian’s in-house financial aid program through FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment.  Assistance is based on financial need.  The FACTS application fee for the 2017-18 processing year is $27 and is paid directly to FACTS.

The returning student application deadline is 4/30 and the new student application deadline is 6/1. A committee considers all financial aid recommendations made by FACTS. All applicants are notified prior to the start of school of committee decisions.

Valley Christian’s FACTS ID number is 25408

Visit FACTS online to apply.

School Choice Arizona

Apply for a scholarship from School Choice Arizona (SCA).

You are eligible to apply for this Corporate award if you meet the income criteria (see chart on the SCA website) and have one of the following:

  1. Student attended a public or charter school full-time for at least ninety days or for one full semester or
  2. Student is a dependent of a member of the armed forces of the U.S. who is stationed in Arizona due to military orders or
  3. Student has received for any year a scholarship from the original individual donation program (i.e. ACSTO) or the switcher individual donation program (i.e. ACSTO Overflow/PLUS) if the child continued to attend a private school in subsequent years.

Visit School Choice Arizona online

Tops for Kids

Tops For Kids has Individual, Corporate and Disabled/Displaced Scholarship opportunities.

Visit Tops for Kids online for information regarding the 2017-18 school year.

Please contact Kristi Majercak with any questions at or (480)705-8888.