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Why Valley?

We asked our students that very question and this is what they had to say about why they chose Valley Christian High School and why VCHS is the best high school in Arizona!

Here are ten of the many reasons our students attend Valley Christian:

1.  “The BIBLE CLASSES. My teachers do a great job of applying the Bible to everyday life and make the classes interesting.”

2.  “The CHAPELS each week are amazing because of the work of the students and teachers.”

3.  “The OPPORTUNITIES. I can be involved in so many different things.”

4.  “I’ve developed great, life long FRIENDSHIPS. It’s very easy to make friends and meet new people.”

5.  “The TEACHERS truly care about you and are genuine people. They want to see you succeed.”

6.  “The CLASSES help train you for college and life outside of school.”

7.  “The students, teachers and families create such a great COMMUNITY atmosphere.”

8.  “The SMALL CLASS SIZES help with individual learning. The teachers are able to help each student learn.”

9.  “Valley has a rich history of winning, but the most special thing is the coaches truly teach you how to win as a team and GLORIFY GOD.

10.  “GROWING SPIRITUALLY is definitely a priority of students and teachers.”

Valley Christian Overview


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