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 “After Valley” highlights select Valley Christian alumni of all ages, from our first graduating class of 1986 to our most recent graduates.

Adam Henry ’95

VC Institutional TRANSP v101314

This “After Valley” profile was originally posted in October 2015.

What did you do after Valley? Where did your life take you?
After Valley, I received my BA in International Studies and traveled the world a bit. Throughout my four years, I studied in Guatemala, and traveled to the continent of Africa and worked on service-learning programs. After graduation, I received a job with an international non-governmental organization and developed a service-learning program for students and professionals. For seven years, the program sent thousands of volunteers to over 15 countries to work in developing countries/communities. Throughout this time, I also received a graduate degree from Northern Arizona University. In 2006, my wife and I moved to Chengdu, China, and studied Mandarin, while working with the local government on a variety of community development initiatives. After three years in China, we moved back to Tempe and I began working at Arizona State University (ASU). Between 2009-2014, I completed a Doctor of Education degree at ASU and am now the Director of the ASU Study Abroad Office. I also teach for the ASU School of Politics and Global Studies as well as the College of Letters and Sciences.

My wife of 15 years (who was also my date for the VCHS senior prom) and I reside in Tempe and have three children.

Tell us a little about your daily work:
As Director of the ASU Study Abroad Office (SAO), I direct the long-term vision of study abroad at ASU and its connection across disciplines. I am charged to lead the office and work closely with a wide array of ASU faculty and upper administration to develop and advance study abroad goals and initiatives for the institution. I also plan, direct and supervise the activities and operations of the SAO, along with many other leadership responsibilities. Since 2012, I have also taught undergraduate courses for ASU students studying business, global studies, global health and organization leadership.

What’s one surprising thing we don’t know about you?
In high school, I volunteered in Kenya for two months between my junior and senior years at VCHS. This opportunity was shared in one of Mr. Barnes’ courses. From that experience, my life was drastically impacted and has deeply Photo Archive/2013/05-May/Study-Aboard-Officeinfluenced my life and my career aspirations. Everything I have been able to do since that time is motivated from my time living and working among the Kenyan people.

While you were at VCHS, which teachers, coaches or classmates had the biggest impact on you?
I was impacted from the teachings that I received in Mr. Barnes’ classes. It is within those classes that I learned about worldviews and began to think about my own worldview. I was also influenced by the character of Mr. Kuiper as my cross-country coach.

How do you stay connected with your friends from Valley and VCHS?
Most recently through Facebook. 

What’s one lasting memory you have of VCHS?
Looking back on my four years at VCHS, I can confidently say that I was impacted by the environment and the dedicated teaching staff in tremendous ways. Specifically, the time they took with me to help me develop as a learner and individual helped form me and provided the confidence I needed to succeed in high school and beyond.

Do you have any advice for current students?
Make the most of your time at VCHS – get involved with service, become long-lasting friends with your classmates, and listen closely to your faculty. Also, allow yourself time to explore more of your Christian faith. Once you leave VCHS, your environment is going to change and it is important that you have a solid foundation to your faith as you enter the next phase of your journey.

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