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“After Valley” highlights select Valley Christian alumni of all ages, from our first graduating class of 1986 to our most recent graduates.



Ashton Wolf ’11


VC Institutional TRANSP v101314

This “After Valley” profile was originally posted in June 2015.

What did you do after Valley? Where did your life take you? 

I just graduated with honors from the United States Military Academy, where I have experienced some incredible, life changing events. While at West Point I have gone to Airborne school, been sent to South Korea, and have had the opportunity to play against the National Handball Team with the Women’s Team Handball Team. I will be branching Military Intelligence and going to Hawaii now that I have graduated.

Tell us a little about your daily work:
Most recently as a cadet, my daily life was extremely regimented. I was a company First Sergeant, which means that I handled all of the discipline, cleaning, and daily activities in the company. I also went to school, was the captain of the Women’s Team Handball Team, and was the cadet in charge of the ethics debate team. This regiment now changes drastically, as I commission as a 2nd LT in the United States Army. I will change out uniforms and responsibilities and hopefully take on a platoon of my own.

What’s one surprising thing we don’t know about you?
Although I don’t have the opportunity to play for them, I am currently on the National Women’s Team Handball’s roster.

While you were at VCHS, which teachers, coaches or classmates had the biggest impact on you?
I was impacted by so many people at Valley Christian that I would do a disservice by only listing a few names below. Let’s just say that without Valley Christain High School, I would not be the person I am today. For that I can thank individuals like: Ms. Jackson, Mr. Tonkinson, Mr. Streeter, Coach Timmer, Mr Nelson, Coach Kuiper, Mrs. T, and really so many more.

How do you stay connected with your friends from Valley and VCHS?
Unfortunately I have lost base with many of my friends from Valley, and being in the Army and living all the way accross the country, it is difficult to stay in touch the way I would like. I do so mostly through technology. When I do come home, however, I am able to sit down and have lunch, and it’s as if we never were apart.

What’s one lasting memory you have of VCHS?Ashton 2
Lasting Memories are not in short supply in regards to my time at Valley, but I would have to argue that walking arm in arm with my best friends and fellow seniors to cut down the championship net was something I will never forget.

Do you have any advice for current students? 
Don’t spend your time getting by. Get out there and get active. Never settle for being comfortable. The second you are comfortable is the second you stop growing. Challenge yourself. Love getting up every morning.


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