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“After Valley” highlights select Valley Christian alumni of all ages, from our first graduating class of 1986 to our most recent graduates.


Kelsey Reade ’13

VC Institutional TRANSP v101314

This “After Valley” profile was originally posted in August 2014.

What did you do after Valley? Where did your life take you? 
After Valley, I became a proud Sun Devil at Barrett the Honors College, W.P. Carey School of Business.

Tell us a little about your daily work: 
I loved being involved at Valley so it only felt natural to once again overwhelm myself with school as well as clubs an organizations. I am in a sorority where I am a part of the leadership and nominating committee where I pick the future leaders within the organization and interview them. I am a part of a professional business fraternity and serve as a member on the community service committee. And in addition I work on ASU’s Homecoming parade!

What’s one surprising thing we don’t know about you?
I like being busy…

While you were at VCHS, which teachers, coaches or classmates had the biggest impact on you?
Mr. Bratton, not going to lie I despised the man at first but only because he kept giving me bad grades. Eventually I realized he was only pushing me to be a better writer, test taker and student. He even gave me the confidence to join the Honors College at ASU. Mr. Tonkinson and Mr. Schanaker gave me the ability to confidently talk to students who do not believe in God. Mrs. Dyer for dealing with my stressful moments while being in student council and Mr. Kuiper for pushing me to be a better athlete. I could go on about all of my teachers they really made a big impact on my life!

How do you stay connected with your friends from Valley and VCHS?
We have a group chat that we all partake in a send updates about our lives or ask to hang out! We like to get “family” dinners when we are all back in town.

What’s one lasting memory you have of VCHS?
The senior bonfire, everyone was grateful for their time spent at Valley.

Do you have any advice for current students? 
GET INVOLVED. Be a leader, college is competitive, start getting experience now so a leadership role in college or an internship does not seem as overwhelming. These positions give you a lot of skills you will need in college.

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