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 “After Valley” highlights select Valley Christian alumni of all ages, from our first graduating class of 1986 to our most recent graduates.

Mikaela Bruce ’04

VC Institutional TRANSP v101314

This “After Valley” profile was originally posted in February 2018

What did you do after Valley? Where did your life take you?

After Valley I went on to study filmmaking and traveled as much as I could! My passion for foreign cultures and filmmaking came together in the form of media ministries in Spain. I have been active in media missions for 8 years in Spain, I am currently in Madrid, Spain and make films that challenge the culture and breathe kingdom values into this post-dictatorship, postmodern culture.

Tell us a little about your daily work:

Right now my daily work consists in bringing awareness to sex trafficking in Spain through my new short film project, Pasărea. I am working on creating an audience and a following around this topic in the Spanish culture; to do this, I am partnering with NGOs to open up dialogue about this taboo topic and bring it into the light.

The hope of the film is not only address this social injustice but also point the spiritual, internal issues that lead us as people to seek things to fill in our emptiness, in this case young men who seek physical pleasure as a way of escape. We pray the film will impact men all over the country- 40% of whom consume prostitution on a regular basis. Beyond that we desire to take the film to Romania and do awareness campaigns in rural, impoverished areas where young women are extremely vulnerable to traffickers.

What’s one surprising thing we don’t know about you?

Well this may seem like I’m name-dropping, but most people are shocked when they find out my dad is an original member of the Alice Cooper Group!

While you were at VCHS, which teachers, coaches or classmates had the biggest impact on you?

Mrs. Templeton – in class and on speech team she challenged me and encouraged my gifts! Her heart for the Lord was so genuine and was a fantastic reference for me as a teen. Love you Mrs. T! Ms. Jackson in chemistry class – her class was probably still the hardest class I’ve ever taken! It taught me so much about discipline, hard work and seeing how far I can push my mind! Our school counselor, Celeste Johnson, was very encouraging and supportive of students. My buddy and senior prom date, Jimmy Cottrell, had a lasting impact on me, he genuinely loved Jesus and loved everyone around him! (EDITOR’S NOTE: The Jimmy Cottrell Sports Performance Room was named after Jimmy in 2006, shortly after he passed away suddenly that same year).

How do you stay connected with your friends from Valley and VCHS?

Living overseas makes it hard to stay in touch, but social media is a way that keeps me connected to Valley friends! Now the current art teacher and close friend, Ms. Kelsey Jones, keeps me up to do on what’s new with Valley!

What’s one lasting memory you have of VCHS?

I have so many wonderful memories from Valley! A huge highlight was traveling and competing on the speech team, and winning state finals with Dustin Diehl in on our duo interpretation!


Do you have any advice for current students? 

Continue to pursue your passions and know that those are from God, go deep in your search for Him through your work and desires, it will always be a way to go deeper into knowing Jesus and yourself, and a genuine, exciting way to make Him known in the world!


Deceived, lied to, trafficked and ultimately forced into prostitution, now Vera will do anything to escape her traffickers and find freedom.

There are thousands of human slaves in the world…Vera is just one more.

After a terrible loss all Jon wants is to escape his current reality, but when he meets Vera he will be forced to make choice that will change them both forever.

Pasărea tells the story of a two young people who meet one another at a very dark moment in their lives.  Vera is a young Romanian woman who has been lied to, hurt, deceived, trafficked and ultimately forced in prostitution.  Jon is a young Spanish man who has suffered a major loss in his life and it’s his desire to escape reality that leads him to Vera. They don’t know it, but their chance meeting will change them both forever.


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