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Engage | Cuba

October 6-13, 2018

Cuba, 2018

Valley Christian is partnering with a Christian Cuban national during Fall Break. This trip is all about learning about the Cuban culture, people, and history as we interact with the Christian community in cities of Matanzas, Cardenas, Trinidad, and Havana. Students will also serve alongside locals helping to care for orphans, disabled children, and a local sustainable farm. This trip is available to 12-15 students.

Who is this ENGAGE experience for?


What will team members do?

Students will spend two days serving alongside a Christian missionary serving orphans, disabled children, and on a local sustaining farm near Matanzas, Cuba. Students will also visit Christians in the cities of Havana, Matanzas, Varadero, and Cardenas to learn about Cuban culture, people, and history. Students will develop a book to tell the story of Cuba through the eyes of those they interacted during their time in Cuba.

When is this experience?

October 6-13, 2018

Where is this experience?


Financial Information:


Area of Focus:

Cultural, Service

Team Leaders:

Derek Robinson

Dr. Lisa Miller

Important Dates:

Passports: August 1

Deposit: $400, August 1

All Funds: September 3

Permission Slips: August 1

Other: Various specifics and particulars will be communicated to the team by the Lead Chaperone