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A reminder that first semester final exams are right around the corner! Final exams are December 18-21. Exams are given on Monday through Thursday from 8:00-9:30am and 10:00-11:30am with a makeup session on Friday from 12:30-2:00pm.

Please note that on Tuesday, December 19, the campus will be closed at 12:30pm and all students will need to be off campus at that point.

Students not having exams on a given day or at one of the exam periods do not need to be on campus. Students not taking an exam may remain on campus, but will need to report to the study hall during an exam period.

Monday, December 18
8:00-9:30a Period A
10:00-11:30a Period B

Tuesday, December 19
8:00-9:30a Period C
10:00-11:30a Period D

Wednesday, December 20
8:00-9:30a Period E
10:00-11:30a Period F

Thursday, December 21
8:00-9:30a Period G
10:00-11:30a Period H
12:30-2:00p Make-up Period