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I Give Because

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At Valley Christian High School, we believe you are a Trojan for life. Members of the Valley Christian community – alumni, parents, staff members, and friends of the school –  give back to the school in a multitude of ways… through coaching, attending school events, interacting on and via social media, offering their talent where there is a need, giving financially, and more.

Read on for reasons why members of the Valley Christian community continue to give back.

I have always liked giving through the SHARE/Financial Aid program, as it gives me the flexibility to award to those most in need. I was one of those students. In the end, I had to leave VCHS after only one year to finish my HS education at McClintock because my parents couldn’t afford the tuition. This is the biggest reason I give back… I wanted to stay, but money got in the way of that. Giving through this program has been the best fit for me to help another student remain at VCHS. I am continually blessed when I see how the school has grown and to think of how the legacy continues.

Janneane Moody

I give because Valley provides students the ability to receive an excellent education, while also teaching them the Gospel of Jesus.

Andy Vernon '05

My dad firmly believed in the value of Christian education and made it a priority in the household budget so that I was able to go to Christian schools from pre-school through high school. I appreciated both his commitment to that and also the excellent level of education I received at Valley Christian.

Heather Bilodeau '88

We met at Valley Christian, and 22 years later our oldest son is a freshman at Valley. We give because it’s a great investment into young people.

Scott '90 & Shawna '93 Yarbrough

We see VCHS as a lighthouse to the community, bringing followers of Christ together and breaking down denominational bonds. We love the spiritual dynamic and educational excellence Valley brings to the VALLEY!

Aaron '93 & Angela '93 Ingegneri

I give back because I want other students to have access to a great education and Valley Christian provided that for me. Thank VCHS for all that you did for me and continue to do for all your students.

Tess Moy '06

I give because Valley Christian helped form who I am as a man – through friendships, experiences, and mentors. I learned in the classroom, on the court, and in life what it looked like to be a man of integrity, a faithful husband, and a faithful father. I want our future students to experience the same type of foundational learning that I did.

Boomer Roberts '04

I give because I’m constantly reminded of the impact Valley Christian had and still has on my life. I give because I truly believe God continues to use VCHS in the lives of many.

Samuel Pagel '07

Why do YOU give?


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