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Over the last 35 years, the economy has had its ups and downs, and Valley’s “economy” has been no different. In order to prepare the school for any and all financial situations in the future, we started The VCHS Endowment Fund on February 9, 2015. 

An endowment fund offers donors a long-term giving opportunity, allowing financial gifts to bless the school many times over. Each year, the school is able to pull some of the net gains out of the fund, while the principal continues to grow through generous gifts.

WIll you contribute to the future of Valley Christian with a gift to the Endowment Fund?

Shortly before Mr. Nelson passed, he told those who were helping with his care, “I wish I had $100,000 to give to the school for a math scholarship.” And as much as Mr. Nelson loved and excelled at math, he didn’t think he had anything to give to the school.

Right around the time of his death, his power of attorney and executor discovered that Mr. Nelson had some money in a 401(k) and a pension plan. After talking to his financial institutions, the school was offered a payout of his 401(k) and pension. The total we are receiving from Mr. Nelson’s estate: more than $120,000.

In July 2018, VCS established the Al Nelson Endowment Scholarship fund in his honor. This scholarship fund will assist a graduating or current student pursuing a math or STEM career, fields near and dear to Mr. Nelson’s heart. Thank you, Mr. Nelson, for leaving such a wonderful legacy at VCS.

If you’d like to give a gift to this Scholarship Fund in honor of Al Nelson, you can do so using the form below. 

The first scholarship will be awarded at the end of the 2018-19 school year and every year after that. Because it is an endowment account, the scholarship is intended to last in perpetuity, meaning Mr. Nelson’s legacy will truly last forever here at VCS.

More information on eligibility, application deadlines, and more will be provided in 2019.

How the VCS Endowment Fund got started

Although a school endowment fund had been discussed for years, it took a generous gift by one of the original Valley families to put the VCS Endowment Fund in motion. The family of graduate Heather Bilodeau ’88 – a member of our 3rd graduating class – maintained a passion for Christian education and for Valley Christian, and they decided to leave a legacy through a planned gift. “Dad firmly believed in the value of Christian education and made it a priority in the household budget so that I was able to go to Christian schools from pre-school through high school,” Heather reflected. “I appreciated both his commitment to that and also the excellent level of education I received at Valley Christian.”

Thank you to the Bilodeau family for the planned gifts of $27,277.10, which helped to launch the VCS Endowment Fund. 

Endowment Fund Balance

as of July 15, 2018

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