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We are thrilled to partner with Financial Planning Ministry, offering the Valley Christian community estate planning education and documentation at no cost to our community.

FPM: Providing our members with a path to sound biblical stewardship through their estate plans.

Read on for more information and for upcoming seminars.

November 18 Invitation (Gethsemane Lutheran Church)


Who is Financial Planning Ministry?

FPM is a unique nonprofit partnership of ministries dedicated to providing our members with a path to sound biblical stewardship though their estate plans. Their 90-minute presentations provide clear and accurate information that cuts through the misinformation and helps members avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes in securing their loved one’s future.

Note that all information shared with FPM stays with FPM. Your personal information is not shared with anyone from Valley Christian High School.

Is it really no cost to me?

Yes, really! Valley Christian High School is a sponsor and partner of Financial Planning Ministry, which allows us to offer you an estate plan at no out-of-pocket cost.

So what’s the catch? 

There is no catch. FPM will ask that you consider Valley Christian High School when developing your estate plan, although we’re guessing you may have done that anyway. And if you choose not to, they are still more than happy to help! Since VCHS supports FPM as a partner, there is a cost for us each month (although not a cost per individual or per estate plan, so you are not adding to our costs!), but no cost to you.

Can they do anything if I already have an estate plan?

Yes! Of the nearly 3,200 estate plans FPM touched in 2015, more than 300 were amendments to existing estate plans and another nearly 400 were supplemental documents prepared for those with existing estate plans.

Do I need an estate plan/am I too young?

While people generally agree that it’s important to have an estate plan, 60% of people in the US die without a will, and 90% die with just a will or no estate plan at all. The responses are often, “I don’t want to think about dying,” “It’s too expensive,” or “I just haven’t gotten around to it.” Most people know it’s something they should do, but the legal system can be intimidating and costly.

If you start a family and have minor children, you certainly want to designate who the guardians would be for those children if something should happen to the parents. Whether you have significant or very few assets, you should have a written plan for what eventually happens to them. There are some who will not need a living trust; for those folks, FPM will explain what estate plan options they should be considering (if any).

What if I need to make changes in the future?

Changes in the future are also done at no cost to members by FPM. You will simply contact FPM and tell them what updates you need. They will prepare your changes and send your updated documents to you.

I heard about this through my church – do I get all of the benefits? 

Yes! Valley Christian High School has partnered with a few local churches in our community. If we are putting on a seminar at your church, you receive all of the same benefits as those in our own community. 

Testimonials: What is the VC community saying about FPM?

“They covered everything we needed to know in 75 minutes, and they’ve made the entire process incredibly simple. I appreciate that there was no obligation and that I was able to feel comfortable no matter how we decide to move forward.”

Andy Vernon, Class of 2005

“FPM is such an amazing ministry, and we are grateful that FPM and Valley have partnered together to allow us the opportunity to get our trust planning prepared at no cost to us. The entire process from the seminar to the step by step instruction booklet to finalizing our plan, we have been incredibly happy with the knowledge and personal touch that FPM has offered.”

Chris & Jamie Dinsmore, VCHS Parents

“What a joy to be partnered with an organization that truly cares about the hearts of our community. The service FPM provides is unique and meaningful. After attending the first seminar and having received my documents, I’d recommend FPM to absolutely everyone in the Valley Christian community.”

Dan Kuiper, VCHS Administrator

Why We Partnered with Financial Planning Ministry We recently made an announcement that we are partnering with a company calledCartoon Troy 1 Financial Planning Ministry, offering no-cost estate planning (both education and documents) to the Valley Christian community. Although we put a page together that answers most questions our community has had thus far, I wanted to take a few moments to provide additional transparency and an inside look at our intentions with the FPM partnership. There are 3 primary reasons we partnered with FPM:

  1. Our belief in godly stewardship
  2. The importance of having an estate plan
  3. To encourage generosity towards VCHS

As a school, we believe strongly… Read More

Any Other Questions?

Please contact the Development Office and Troy Thelen at or (480) 705-8888 x224.