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Share Campaign

The SHARE Campaign is a student-led fundraising initiative that gives donors an opportunity to give to the school’s Financial Aid and Scholarship fund. Donors can purchase “shares” of Valley Christian for $100 (VCHS share) or $365 (Gold VCHS share), and each dollar raised is used for financial aid.

S.H.A.R.E. stands for Sharing Hope And Reaching Excellence, and our goal is for students to share the opportunities they have at Valley Christian with others, allowing the school to welcome even more families and more students into the VCHS community.

Students who are successful in selling “shares” have the opportunity to join us for an all-nighter and Knott’s Berry Farm trip in celebration. Above is the 2015 Knott’s Berry Farm trip.

“I have always liked giving through the SHARE/Financial Aid program, as it gives you the flexibility to award those most in need”

“this is the biggest reason I give back… to help another student remain at VCHS.”

- Janneane Moody

Original Class of 1986

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Is my SHARE gift tax-deductible?

A. Absolutely, yes! You will receive an automated email thank you / receipt when making your donation through the SHARE Campaign. You will also receive an end-of-year donation receipt in the first two weeks of January for all gifts given the previous year.

Q.  Can I give to the SHARE Campaign via check?

A.  Absolutely, yes! In fact, gifts via check actually save us on processing costs and are the preferred giving method for the SHARE Campaign. We do understand that giving online is the most convenient method, and we are more than happy to receive gifts through the giving form to the right. If you have already committed to giving a gift through the SHARE Campaign, the school will be following up with you in the coming weeks/months on your pledge.

Q.  Is my gift given as financial aid to the student who “solicited” the donation?

A.  It is not, at least not as a direct result of you mentioning their name. While all students participate in raising funds for the SHARE Campaign, the dollars are dispersed according to need through existing procedures within the Business Office of the school. Funds are used toward Financial Aid, but are not directed specifically at students who have solicited donations.

Q.  Can I give a recurring gift instead of all at once?

A.  Yes! When selecting your gift using the form to the right, you may choose any amount, and you may choose your gift to be given one-time, semi-annually, quarterly, monthly, or even weekly. If you’d like an end date on your recurring gift, please enter the end date in the Comment section. Recurring gifts without an end date will be considered a gift in perpetuity.

Q. Can I give through the SHARE Campaign and identify multiple students to receive credit for their contests?

A.  Yes. Simply enter the student(s)’ names in the Comments box before checking out.

Q. If I gave, but forgot to enter a student’s name, can I still make sure they get credit?

A.  Absolutely! We want every SHARE donation to trace back to a student – if you gave online and forgot to enter a name, please email Troy Thelen ( with the name of the student.

Students are offered exciting incentives to sell shares, including a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm and a day off of school for any student who sells seven shares or two Gold shares.

Additional prizes include:

  • Weekly random drawings for anyone who has sold at least 1 share
  • Sell 25 shares (or 7 Gold shares), and get your choice of: iPad Mini (16GB), Xbox One or PS4, $200 gift card
  • Sell 40 shares (or 12 Gold shares), and get your choice of: Apple Macbook Air, Smartphone of Your Choice, 2 Two-Day Parkhopper Tickets to Disneyland or Magic Mountain
One VCHS Share:

One-time: $100

Semi-Annually: $50

Quarterly: $25

Monthly: $8.33

Weekly: $1.92

One Gold VCHS Share:

One-time: $365

Semi-Annually: $182.50

Quarterly: $91.25

Monthly: $30.42

Weekly: $7.02

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