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Arizona’s nationally ranked Christian high school is expanding!

Beginning in 2018-19, Valley Christian will enroll 6th-8th grade students on a campus in Tempe.

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Big school opportunities in a small school environment










Our Campus Locations

High School (Chandler)  |  Junior High (Tempe)

Tempe Campus (6-8 Grades)

Chandler Campus (9-12 Grades)


Q:  Why two campuses? 

A:  Our high school campus in Chandler is at capacity in its current configuration for the 2017-18 school year.  In order for us to expand to more grades, it will have to be at a second location.

Q:  Why Gethsemane? 

A:  They had the available space with a location that best met our needs.  The campus is being renovated and will feature an academic building, gymnasium, kitchen, and brand-new worship center.

Q:  Will there be transportation? 

A:  Yes. We will be providing transportation to connect the two campuses, in addition to families in SE Chandler and Gilbert.

Q:  Will there be athletics and fine arts opportunities? 

A:  Yes, we will have full athletic and fine art programs that complement our award winning high school programs.

Q:  Will the junior high use the iValley 1:1 program like the high school?

A:  Yes. We will be implementing a 1:1 technology program for students and creating a culture of innovative learning similar to our high school experience.

Q:  When does registration begin? 

A:  Registration for the 2018-19 school year will begin in late Fall of 2017.

Q:  Will tuition be the same as the high school?

A:  No. Tuition rates will be released to coincide with registration at the end of Fall 2017.  Tuition rates will be competitive with Christian junior highs.

Q:  Will tuition at the high school go up to support the new grades? 

A:  No.  The junior high will be self-sustaining and our financial model ensures that the high school families will not be affected and that there is no risk to maintaining the quality and expansion of our high school programs.


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