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Our ASL 2 class went on a field trip to the Apache (ASL) Trails Senior Citizens Center. The students experienced “deaf culture” through full immersion while signing and making breakfast for the deaf senior citizens. The students later discussed the difference between the motivation of God-centered, having a servant’s heart, and self-centered.

Our students reflected on their experience:

“Visiting the Senior Center for the deaf was great because of the different environment and community that we were able to experience and immerse ourselves in.” Rebecca Ainsworth ‘20

“I loved interacting with the senior citizens; seeing all their smiles was such an amazing work of God; Psalm 139:14.” Jake Liberta ‘19

“It was such an amazing experience, signing and learning about the deaf culture. I got to experience how it feels to be in a deaf culture, and it was quite amazing.” Gracie Miller ‘20

“Signing and learning about the deaf culture was an incredibly amazing experience despite sometimes not knowing the correct signs. It struck inspiration in me to want to sign more with deaf people. I would absolutely love to be able to go again.” Alyssa Lynch ‘19

“I talked with a lady who grew up in Illinois

just like my mother. I also heard a man’s story about his childhood. Helping serve food to people and speaking (signing) in their language was fun.” Mason Clegg ‘19

“It was really fun to be able to attend the deaf senior home and talk to these people and practice signing. It was a good experience and I learned some new signs from them and they were very nice and helpful with their signing.” Autianna Land ‘20

“Talking and ministering to deaf senior citizens was an experience I will never forget. Loving on people that don’t speak English, it’s all just incredible.” Evan Hand ‘20

“Signing with the deaf community creates a bond between two cultures. The older people are very nice and forgiving when you don’t understand. They can sense your nervousness but they go easy on you! I would love to go again!” Faith Johnson ‘19

“This opened my eyes a lot to the world of the deaf community. I am so glad I got to be a part of this experience.” Mia Oliver ‘20