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From August 16-18, 41 students from Student Council, Valley Christian Ambassadors, and Valley Worship, along with five school faculty and staff members, headed to the mountains for a Student Leadership Retreat.

The objective was to get away during the beginning of the school year to talk about servant-leadership and making culture.

There was a blend of learning, working, and fun at Tonto Rim Christian Camp in Payson. Many hours were spent looking at Jesus as a Culture Maker through His words and deeds and asking the question, “Can we be culture makers at Valley Christian?” The ideas that were generated gave everyone a sense that God is going to do something special this year amongst the student body. The students accepted the charge that they have the ability, creativity, and leadership skills to make culture.

The group worshiped regularly, prayed often, enjoyed intense fellowship, and laughed hard.

It was our first of hopefully many more Student Leadership Retreats!