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Article written by a VCHS student

Within a few days after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, Valley Christian students JoHannah ’21 and Lorena Arredondo ’19 were heading to Texas to help those effected by the storm. After their mom, Tina Cates, saw a story on Facebook of how the people were impacted, they knew they had to do something.

Their initial goal was to collect a car load of supplies, but after word of their efforts went viral, they collected almost 22,000 lbs. of food, clothes, toys, and books for the people in the Houston area.

They spent five days distributing these essentials to the people in need. JoHannah was especially touched by the gratitude of the people they met. Many of the victims were in tears because of the love and kindness, the family showed these total strangers.

JoHannah remarked, “I was extremely humbled by this devastation. It made me appreciate, more than ever, my family, as well as the material things we have. I am grateful to have had this experience.”