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This school year we are introducing our new ENGAGE Program. Derek Robinson will be leading up this charge and the new program.

Our goal with this new program is to provide students more opportunities to engage within their community, state, country, and world. As our world continues to shrink with global technology and communication advances Christians must learn how to navigate and interact with people of differing backgrounds, culture, and experiences. Jesus saves from every tribe, tongue, language, and people, therefore ENGAGE gives students a transformative educational experience from a local, national, and global perspective.

What is the same?

Students are still required to serve each school year and complete hours for Christian Service. These hours will be recorded and submitted by the students through the Christian Service “Class” which all students should now have access to via Moodle. Furthermore, in prior years students had to serve a minimum of 12 hours of service, but now it will be 15 hours total. Of those 15 students can serve for 3 hours on campus in any teacher-led activity. Students can also fulfill all of their service hours by participating in one of our ENGAGE opportunities described below.

What is new?

Over the past two years Valley Christian has sent a team of students to Romania as part of the Missions Class. We are expanding these opportunities for our students. For the 2017-2018 school year we will have 4 additional trips that are open to the entire student body. These trips will range in cost, space availability, and purpose.

Learn more about the ENGAGE Program and view the experiences for 2017-18.